Aids for dyslexia and other learning impairments

There are many different ‘dyses’: dyslexia, dysorthography, dyspraxia, dysphasia, dyscalcula and so forth. The ‘dys’ refers to a learning problem or disorder. Many people suffer from more than one problem at once. No one likes having a label stuck on them, but it can sometimes come as a relief to finally gain an insight into what is causing the learning problems after many years of struggling. However, ultimately, these disorders all result in the same challenges: namely, an impaired ability to learn and work. Although, there is nothing wrong with your intellect or work ethic, sometimes it’s hard to achieve results. Luckily, there are aids that can support you when reading, writing and learning, which can be adapted to your personal use and age.

picto's word dys
People with dyslexia experience difficulties when reading and/or spelling. The problem is persistent. Even after lots of practice (e.g. with a speech and language therapist), it remains a challenge to convert letters into sounds (reading) or sounds into letters (writing). With dysorthography the problems are limited to spelling. Dyspraxia is a developmental coordination disorder which can also involve problems with speech and language. Dysphasia (TOS) is a neurological speech and language development disorder, which causes problems with learning your native language. Dyscalculia is a learning disability that leads to problems with learning arithmetic and maths.

Compensatory and remedial aids help you to read, write and learn more easily. They can compensate for problems, but not fully alleviate them. The use of compensatory software such as Alinea, Kurzweil 3000, KNFB Reader and WoDy, at the very least, ensures that the information is 100% accessible. The software improves self-confidence and maximises independent working and living. Both on this site and on www.dyslexie.be, you can find lots of information about living and learning with dyslexia and what you can do as a parent, support worker, school, pupil or student.

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