Blind pupils at a mainstream school

Going to school and learning to read, write and do arithmetic are big steps in a child’s life and can be challenging for any child. However, if you also have a visual impairment, this adds an extra layer of difficulty.

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Not being able to see means the pupil will potentially take longer to learn about their environment (people and objects), will need to exert extra effort to achieve the same results as their peers and may sometimes be confused about what to do. Blind children don’t have the same information as their sighted peers.

Therefore, good support is essential. This support needs to compensate for the lack of visual information and place extra emphasis on the areas of development that are at risk. Moreover, it needs to help the child deal with being different and having a disability. Support can be provided on different levels: directly to the pupil or via the teacher & school.

Our wide range of visual aids are a form of didactic support that can help the pupil directly, as they are adapted to their needs.  Our service includes providing pupils, teachers and schools with explanations and training. Our accessibility range can be used to improve the school infrastructure and provide better access, playing facilities and buildings for a pupil with a visual impairment. This will limit the impact of the lack of visual information.

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