In Belgium this is regulated at regional level. It is important to know that anyone who has a visual impairment in Belgium and who wants to be eligible for a financial allowance for the purchase of medical aids must apply to the right government authorities to have his or her disability officially recognized before reaching the age of 65.

In Flanders and Dutch-speaking Brussels, the Belgian capital, the VAPH (Flemish Agency for Disabled Persons) can, among other things, offer a subsidy for aids and adjustments in your home situation. Students who need visual support in mainstream education can also apply to the support team at the TAS (Test & Advice School Systems). The TAS provides advice to the Ministry of Education that decides what may be purchased and arranges the payment. As an employee or employer, you can often make use of work related resources via the VDAB (Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service).

In Wallonia and French-speaking Brussels (capital of Belgium), the agency providing interventions is called “l’AViQ” (Agence pour une Vie de Qualité). Also for the French-speaking part of Brussels, you can contact the “PHARE” (Personne Handicapée Autonomie Recherchée).

For the German community it is the DSL (Dienststelle für Selbstbestimmtes Leben) that takes care of these matters.


"I was so impressed at the open house: the highly professional approach, the team spirit, the kindness and gentleness. The very clear and honest information and explanations that we received made a strong impression, not to mention the hearty welcome with pancakes and a cup of coffee. I'll be happy to spread the word! Great job! Keep it up!"
sr Liesbeth Foulon,
“I want to thank you all for the untold patience and the many hours of support during the countless phone calls on behalf of my patients. I found you all very friendly, always willing to help and advise. Many thanks."
Liesbet, occupational therapist
"My ill husband passed away at the end of May. My heartfelt thanks to your team: your audio books and devices were his favourite pastime. He has been listening for hours, days, months, even years to his Viktor-Reader. A very warm thank you."
Hilde, wife
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