Our dyslexia consultants have a comprehensive knowledge of our software. They interact with pupils, parents, teachers and therapists on a daily basis, so they understand the concerns.

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We are also constantly striving to expand our knowledge. We stay up-to-date on scientific research and new inventions for reading and learning difficulties.

All of this knowledge enables our consultants to find the perfect match between user and software.

Once a solution has been chosen, we support our users every step of the way. This can vary from the occasional phone call with a simple question to a hands-on workshop, where you learn about the software in detail.

View our Demo & Training page to read detailed information about this.

We organise free info sessions for dyslexia software two times a year. You can learn about the different software options in each province. View our free info sessions calendar.


“I'm 10 years old and I have dyslexia. I can read but I'm slower and I make mistakes. I'm in year five now and the texts are getting longer. That's why it's great that I can use the reading software.”
Eleana, 10 years old
"Super individuele aanpak !!! Hartelijk dank voor de ondersteuning !!!" - via Facebook
Nicky, persoonlijke assistent
"Compensatory and remedial software tailored to each individual. Excellent work from the R&D team #innovation #creation #realization" - via Facebook
Oiheba, coach
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