Chrome Web Reader Web2Speech


Sensotec is launching a new reading tool, Web2Speech. This Chrome extension is a useful web reader for people with reading difficulties. Chrome is not only the most popular browser for web surfing, but there are now more and more people using Chromebooks. Our web reader with speech and reading assistance is sure to become an everyday tool for many people with reading difficulties.

The Chrome extension activates an applet with which you can have websites, Google Docs and Gmail messages read aloud. There is also reading assistance in the form of double highlighting on the text. This tool can read in 9 different languages (Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Arabic) and has 50 natural-sounding voices.


There are also different settings that can be customised to support your personal reading difficulties.

  • The reading speed: from very slow to very fast
  • The reading unit: per sentence or word
  • The reading style: interrupted or continuous reading
  • The highlighting colours: for the sentence and word

Read the details here

Customers who have an Alinea or Kurzweil 3000 web licence can use this extension for free. Chrome extensions are simple to install, and it’s easy to switch them on and off. Install this Chrome extension now and experience optimal ease of reading.

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