Training upon request

In addition to the standard training options, such as introduction sessions and workshops for our compensatory software, we also offer our customers the option of requesting specific, customised trainingconsulent giving advice

For visual aids

During the installation of the hardware, we will provide you with a basic explanation. However, for the often more complicated software applications, we offer the option of receiving customised training, tailored to your personal use and situation.  Contact us for more info about our approach and conditions, without obligation: 050 40 47 47 or

For our reading and learning aids

Upon request: The training session ‘implementing compensatory software at school’.

This training is aimed at teachers, care and grade coordinators, student counsellors, and speech and language therapists. It provides an opportunity to learn about the following aspects in a group setting (school, group practice): uses of the software, practical issues regarding hardware and software, digital learning materials, engagement of those involved (e.g. school, care providers, pupils, parents), use and implementation and the financial aspects.  The training session lasts 3 hours and can be held at Sensotec, at a school or at a group practice. There is a €50 fee per participant. Payment can be made via transfer.  Contact us for more information, without obligation: 050 40 47 41 or at

Customised training

If desired, customised training can be created in consultation with you (e.g. for teachers: the K3000 exam applications). The duration and price will be determined based on the training requested. Contact us for more information, without obligation: 050 40 47 41 or at

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