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Sensotec participates in the EU Gateway Mission who provides European Healthcare and Medical Technologies to Singapore and the Philippines.Healthcare en medical technologies business mission

The EU Business Avenues in South East Asia is an initiative funded by the European Union (EU) helping European companies to establish long-lasting business collaborations in South East Asia. Sensotec will be one of the selected 50 European Companies to bring innovative assistive technologies to Singapore and the Philippines.

The growing senior population in Europe is an important growth driver for Sensotec, which resulted in proactive development of assistive solutions to address the demands of the aging population.

Sensotec develops assistive technologies for people with visual, reading, writing or learning difficulties. Our challenge continues to be relevant today: to assist those with an impairment so that their integration into society is not just a fanciful notion but to actually make it happen, be it at home, at work or at school. Many of the technological aids for the visually impaired also benefit people with reading or learning difficulties. In our product range you can find software, apps, an online distribution platform e.g. for e-books and a scanner.

Reading software for troubled readers & second language learners makes info easily and fast accessible so the learning motivation improves and fear of failure decreases or even disappears.

The compensating / reading software Alinea supports the user at any age with reading, writing and learning. It can be used in combination with all your familiar PC applications at home, school or on the job.

The KNFB Reader quickly converts printed text to speech or Braille. It is an app working on any platform that helps blind and low-vision people to read letters, brochures, restaurant menus,… KNFB Reader 3.0 for iOS reads e-books and documents in the increasingly popular ePub format, as well as PDFs (image or text, tagged or untagged).

Online Daisy is the premier platform for the online distribution of Daisy books: accessible audio or hybrid books with enhanced navigation possibilities. Examples of recently developped Apps similar to the Online Daisy App: Anderlezen (BE), Lydhør (NO), Inläsningstjanst (SE), Legimus (SE) and Pratsam (FI).

Text recognition and reading scanner for visually impaired. Reading with the Reporter Smart is so easy that you don’t have to know anything about computers to be able to use it. One click of a button is enough to have clear results. The Reporter Smart automatically recognizes document position and text orientation.  The Reporter Smart software is so intelligent it will automatically recognize and read in 8 different languages, choosing the right speaking voice and emphasis.

Want to know more about our assistive solutions and how it can benefit your clients? Are you a distributor and interested in assistive technologies? Make an appointment with us in Singapore or Manila.

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