Installation and use Alinea

Here you can find an overview of our Alinea products and how to install them. After installation, you can use the login details that you received in the email for all these products.

You can now use Alinea on any device and any platform thanks to the various components.

View the overview of which functionalities you can use via which part.

In case of technical problems, you can always contact our support department: 050/40 47 47 of support@sensotec.be.
For substantive questions you can contact our consultants: 050/40 47 41 of consulenten@sensotec.be.


Alinea in the Cloud for Windows, Mac, Chromebook

Login on https://alinea.sensotec.be

Alinea weblicence for Windows

Minimum system requirements
Manual Alinea
Tutorial movies

Downloadlink for installation Heads up! Choose weblicence


Alinea App for iOS and Android

Alinea app iOS Manual
Alinea app Android Manual

Google Cloud disclosure

Installation of the iOS app


Installation of the Android app



Web2Speech Google Chrome extension

Downloadlink from the Chrome Web Store.


Alinea training?

We regularly hold workshops on Alinea in Jabbeke, Hasselt and Hoevenen.
More information

Alinea userlicences

Alinea weblicence for Windows

Alinea app

Alinea Web2Speech

Alinea in the Cloud

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