KNFB Reader 2.7: new languages, including Russian!


KNFB Reader : screenshot of the Russian user interfaceBringing new languagues !

KNFB Reader 2.7 for iOS and for Android devices is now available, bringing you new languages around the world:

  • Russian is now available as text recognition and user interface language.
  • Additional text recognition languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Greek and Ukrainian.

Download the KNFB Reader on the App Store and on Google Play

Download the KNFB Reader on the App Store and on Google Play and enjoy the freedom to read where and when you want.

Download the KNFB Reader on the App Store Get it on Google Play

À propos du KNFB Reader

The KNFB Reader converts printed text into high quality speech to provide accurate, fast, and efficient access to both single and multiple page documents with the tap of a button on your mobile device.

The KNFB Reader can recognize and read printed materials in a variety of languages including: English, French, German, Dutch(Belgium), Dutch(Netherlands), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Finnish, Ukrainian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek.

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