License Server Manual

for users

To help you on your way, we have briefly illustrated this.

Are you a registered user?

Then log in with your old data on the renewed lic.sensotec.be and link your google or microsoft account to the old login data if desired. Thanks to this Single sign-on, you can also log in with your google or microsoft account to the Sensotec web app and the chrome extension web2speech. You can also change your user name and password at any time.

Are you a new user?

Great, one step away to use your new software.

Go to lic.sensotec.be to link your data to the license. Create a new administrator or user by clicking on the “Create” button. On the right you enter the requested information such as the serial number or registration code that you received from us.

Click Next to choose a username and password. Complete your profile with your e-mail address, name, date of birth, country and language.

So now you are the administrator of your profile. In one overview you see the data and the products you have access to.

Now you can also link your Google or Microsoft account with your profile. This way you will soon have quick and easy access to the Sensotec web app and Chrome extension Web2Speech.


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