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In this manual you will find



Instruction video about the active functions in Alinea in the Cloud


Thanks to this manual you will get to know the functions of the web app.

0. Login

Log in to the URL (alinea.sensotec.be) of (k3000user.sensotec.be) in your Chrome browser and you can read and work in pdf. Logging in with your own Google, Microsoft or Smartschool account is possible thanks to the Single Sign-on function. You can link your login to your account at https://lic.sensotec.be. Log in the first time with your username and password from your license. Then click at the bottom of your profile on one of the SSO links with which you want to log in from now on:

If you are already logged in on that server (e.g. your Google account) then the link is immediately made. If that is not the case, you will first be asked to enter your username and password. The icon will then get a brighter color.

Now you can log in to the web app with the Google, Microsoft or Smartschool login, depending on which SSO link you have made.


1. Main taskbar

Open the main menu to open and save documents in different ways.

In the extra tools you turn on the word predictor and the spell checker or you can use AudioMaker or the Screenshot reader. With the screenshot reader you make a screenshot in your document and have that text read to you. In the settings you choose what is allowed as standard.
With the speech recognition tool the user can dictate text in 9 different languages instead of typing it. This tool can be used in the text editor, in text and sticky notes and in the search field of the dictionary.

With the notes tools you make text or sticky notes in your document.

With the drawing tools you can complete excercises where you are, for example, asked to connect questions & answers or to circle the correct answer.
Mark text in different colors and create a summary of the marked text with or without the marking colors in a text document.
Read text from the reading cursor.
Go to a previous reading unit, go to the next reading unit.
In selection modes you can choose a way to select and read text. More info
With the look-up tools you consult explanatory, translating and image dictionaries, verb conjugations and homophones.
Online translation tool
In the settings you adjust the speech, the reading bar, the spell checker, the word prediction, the drawings, the notes, the cloud settings and the general lay-out.
Sign out

2. Footer

Button for dual pane
Click this button to make room for another window where you can open and create files. This can be useful if you want to see two files side by side e.g. handbook & workbook.
Click on this button to view the thumbnails of the pages of the current document.
Language choice
The language you choose here determines the language in which the current document will be read (if there are no language tags in the document) and will also be the language of the word prediction and the spell checker. You can change the default language for new documents in the settings.
Navigate through the pages: Go to the first page, go to the previous page, go to the next page, go to the last page.
Enter the page number you want to jump to and press Enter.
Zoom in or out.
Choose a specific zoom percentage.
Screen display to adjust the document to the width or to the height of your screen.
Page view
Choose to see one full page or 2 consecutive pages next to each other.
Rotation buttons
Click on one of these buttons to rotate the current page.


Some useful facts & error messages

Read below useful answers on frequently asked questions to work even better with our web app.

1. Error message when logging in
With your login details you can only be registered on one device at a time. If you are not logged out of another device, you will be asked whether you want to end the old session or not. If you are sure that you have saved the edits of this session, click Log in.


2. Error message after update
Due to the web app update, some actions may give a strange message. You can easily solve this by emptying your cache. Please note that this will reload the document and your previous actions will be lost. So if you want to make the summary, press the first button. The summary is made with preservation of colors. After saving this you can now empty your cache.

      1. Press “CTRL + SHIFT + delete”, a new window will open asking you to delete your browser data.
      2. You only have to check cached images and files.
      3. Click on delete data.
      4. Go back to the web app.
      5. Press “CTRL + F5” or “CTRL + r” or “Command + r”.
      6. Open your file again and redo the action.


3. Selection tools

Use the selection button to choose how you want the text to be read. 5 selection functions now enable you to read any text on a page.

  1. Default setting: click on a word in the text and click the Play button. The reading aloud will start from the cursor.
  2. If you click on the rose with the arrow, the reading will automatically start from where you have clicked.
  3. With the small hand button you can read the text under the mouse pointer. This is ideal for reading hyperlinks out loud.
  4. If you select the A button, you can have a text selection read in your PDF or text editor.
  5. If you select the frame, you can indicate an area in which the text must be read. Ideal for reading in tables or word lists.


4. Open and Save
The web app supports Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Of course you can always save locally. When opening or saving documents you can now choose between own files and shared files / folders. You can also rename, copy, move and delete files / folders. You can also add new folders directly to your Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

5. Glossaries
To optimize the spell check it is possible to add words (eg proper names) to your own word list on the Spell check tab in the Settings. Thus, these words are accepted as correct and are no longer underlined in red.


6. Speech recognition
For good use of speech recognition, it is best not to speak too quickly and clearly, nor does it recognize a dialect. Also check your microphone if the dictation is not working properly, is it not too close or just too far?

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