Prefer to listen when studying or working?

Do you have a good auditory memory? Do you like to utilise every minute of your day? Do you like to listen with your full attention, with no distractions?

man listening to smartphone

Our compensatory software can also improve the lives of people who do not have a reading or writing problem, namely, people who process information through listening and who want to always have this option available to them. Our compensatory apps Alinea and KNFB Reader enable you to listen to texts in contemporary formats such as .pdf and .txt read aloud on your smartphone, wherever you are. You can upload the texts via the cloud or simply take a picture of some interesting information.

Kurzweil 3000 Mobile gives you the additional ability to edit your texts. However, this software can only edit KES text files and you must also have the Kurzweil 3000 desktop software. Don’t let this dissuade you: KES files can be created very easily.

With theĀ Audio Notetaker, you can take notes without writing. You can record a lecture, speech or meeting. This enables you to focus solely on listening. You’re not distracted by the need to take written notes. You can then process the audio on your computer using the time bars. You can rearrange the time bars and add extra audio, text or video clips. This way, you always have clear and detailed notes.



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