BrowseAloud Plus

  • Reads web pages (texts, PDFs, secured pages, etc.)
  • Makes information accessible for people with dyslexia, functionally illiterate people, people whose first language is not Dutch, and people with a visual impairment
  • User benefits: no download necessary, available on Mac, PC, tablets, and smartphones, and can be used in any browser in addition to reading other files
  • Provider benefits: very simple implementation, customized subscription, you are providing equal opportunities for everyone

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BrowseAloud Plus does more than just read websites aloud.

BrowseAloud Plus makes “reading by ear” possible, providing support to those who have trouble reading websites. This useful tool that reads text aloud provides audiovisual support to people with dyslexia, poor vision, functional illiteracy, and a first language other than Dutch, but can be just as helpful for anyone who prefers listening to their information instead of reading it.

There is a lot to gain if the visitors to your site can have information read aloud to them using audio support.For some people, spoken text on your website might make all the difference regarding whether your message is understood or not.


BrowseAloud functionality

What does BrowseAloud Plus do?

With the click of a button, a small applet will open (a grey bar), the visitor then indicates thetext, and BrowseAloud will begin reading it aloud.. BrowseAloud Plus reads the website texts aloud, while the coloured bar (for sentences and words) displays what text is being read. This allows the visitor to “read” more actively and they always know where they are in the text.

BrowseAloud Plus works immediately: no download necessary for the user. BrowseAloud Plus can read practically every type of content: PDFs as well as secured pages and blank forms.Additional features: spoken language and voice options, page translation, MP3 creation, news ticker option, a contrast bar option, and the ability to simplify pages or modify their layouts to your preference.

How does it work?

BrowseAloud Plus is quick and easy to use. With the exception of adding a button for the read-aloud option, you do not need to make any technical changes to your site. The only thing you need is to insert a small code into the header of your site(s). It works on PC, Mac, tablets, or smartphones, and with all common browsers. Since it does not require any technical changes, our tool can remain active on your website(s) for 24 hours a day. You or your webmaster just paste a piece of code into the header and we do the rest.

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BrowseAloud on Sensotec site

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Accessibility: it’s not a luxury, it’s a requirement.

Why feature BrowseAloud on your site(s)? Because it’s legally required? Because your visitors asked for it? Yes, but more than anything, simply because you want to be available to everyone!

People with dyslexia, functionally illiterate people, people whose first language is not Dutch, and people with a visual impairment are barely able to read your information, if they can even do it at all. With BrowseAloud, you give them the opportunity to hear your message. This enables you to reach a wider audience. It’s a win-winsituation.



The price of a subscription depends on the type of website that you want to use BrowseAloud Plus on. We have customised rates for libraries, educational institutions, non-profits, businesses, and government institutions. Don’t hesitate to request an offer.



Different functions

  • Click to read aloud. Standard function. BrowseAloud Plus reads what your mouse is hovering over.
  • Read selection aloud. If the first button is off, then you can make a selection from the text on a page. Click on the arrow to read the selection aloud.
  • Translate this page. With the click of a button, you can convert the text on a page into a different language. You can choose from dozens of languages.
  • MP3 maker. Press on the “MP3 Maker” button to save an audio file of a selection in the correct language.
  • News ticker. By clicking on “News ticker”, a clear ticker will appear at the top of your screen. It will show the line being read and highlight the word being read. Size and colour can be adjusted.
  • Contrast bar. Hide unnecessary or distracting items. Only the area that you are reading will remain visible.
  • Simplify. Filter advertisements and other distractions out and only see what you need to in a neatly arranged window.
  • Read PDFs. Read PDFs in a new tab with the BrowseAloud PDF reader.

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