OneStep Reader

  • Quick, accurate, and efficient recognition and conversion of printed text into speech or Braille in no time
  • Version 3 (iOS) makes the app perfectly suited to those with difficulty reading and people learning a new language
  • Visit the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft to purchase an individual license for your smartphone or tablet
  • Visit the webshop to purchase an Enterprise license, for installation on 2,3 or 4 devices
  • Developed in cooperation with the NFB (National Federation of the Blind, USA)
  • Brand: Sensotec

KNFB Reader transitioned to Sensotec & renamed to OneStep Reader 

Formerly known as the KNFB Reader, the OneStep Reader uses technology known as optical character recognition (OCR) that was developed in the early 2000s through the work of the National Federation of the Blind and Raymond Kurzweil, a pioneering inventor. After years of collaboration among NFB, Dr. Kurzweil, and Sensotec, the continued development of the product KNFB Reader (from now onwards branded as OneStep Reader) was transitioned to Sensotec beginning 2022.  

Read all about the NFB and the name change (Jan. 2022) here.

All about the OneStep Reader app!

The power of digital photography and advanced hardware are combined in this universally acclaimed app. This app, launched in 2014, has already helped tens of thousands of blind people and people with poor vision to independently read letters, brochures, product labels, restaurant menus, and so on. The app was named the winner of the AppleVis Golden Apple Award for three consecutive years (2014, 2015, and 2016). In early 2018, the app underwent a substantial update (version 3 for iOS), which also made it perfectly suited for those with trouble reading, people learning a 2nd language, or busy professionals.

Version 2.9 (for Android users) boasts following great features:

• leading OCR technology and high-quality recognition and conversion of printed text into speech or Braille in no time.
• option to adjust user settings entirely to the needs of the user (reading speed, font, etc.).
• 14 user-interface languages and effortlessly reads documents in 33 different languages.

Version 3 (for iOS users) has following extra features:

• An improved layout and simpler navigation throughout the app.
• Access to e-books and documents in ePub as well in PDF format (images or text, with or without tags). This makes the app perfect for students and professionals that read and edit texts in different formats and from various sources.
• Reading from the original image, with highlighting of the sentence and word being read. Of course, simple text display is also possible.
• Expansion of saving and sharing using OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and DropBox.
• More image editing options: cropping, rotating, editing.
• Open links directly in the app, even for telephone numbers and e-mail.

Read all about the Multi license to use the OneStep Reader on different devices.

About the app

Quick, accurate, and efficient


You can read any type of printed text with just the click of a button. Examples include e-mails, recipes, learning materials, memos, and many other documents.


The image area report, automatic page detection, and horizontal stability tool ensure that the app operates as accurately as possible. This allows you to be sure that you photograph the text correctly and fully.


Thanks to our in-house developed technology for document analysis, the words are determined and then read aloud clearly for the user using a high-quality TTS (text-to-speech) software.

 KNFB circle


Various reading modesfor books, articles, and labels, but also for invoices and memos.

  • Text navigation per line, sentence, word, and character.
  • Automatic text detectionfor hands-free or touch-free operation.
  • Read documents with multiple pages.
  • Synchronized text highlight with high-quality Braille and speech.
  • Image finder for live image area. Helps to position the camera for the document.
  • PDF or JPG importing,scanning,(OCR), and reading.Export to HTML and TXT files for storage in the cloud.

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Multi license

In brief

The OneStep Reader Multi is the web license version of the OneStep Reader.

With a web license you get an activation code so you can use the OneStep Reader Multi on iOS, Android and Windows 10. Download the OneStep Reader Multi for free in in the App Storeon Google Play and forWindows 10.
When purchasing on this page you have the choice between a license for activation on 2, 3 or 4 devices. You will then receive the activation code by mail.

How does it work?

The OneStep Reader Multi is a scan and read app that you install on your smartphone.
The app exists for iOS, Android and Windows 10. You can download the Multi apps in the respective online stores.
To use the app, you have to activate the app by logging in with a login and password. Your login is linked to the device.

When you purchase the OneStep Reader here, you will receive an activation code with a link to the license server on which you can create your login and password.

Download the OneStep Reader Multi in the App Storeon Google Play and forWindows 10

Technical information

  • Uses VoiceOver commands to navigate and read.
  • Various reading modes for books, articles, and labels, but also for invoices and memos.
  • Text navigation per line, sentence, word, and character.
  • Automatic text detection for hands-free or touch-free operation.
  • Read documents with multiple pages.
  • Synchronized text highlight with high-quality Braille and speech.
  • Image finder for live image area. Help positioning the camera for the document and report for optimum camera position for the document.
  • Option to import, scan (OCR), and read PDF and JPG images. Export to HTML and TXT files for storage in the cloud (such as Dropbox and Google Drive).
  • Languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.
  • Other languages are in development.
  • If you use iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android or Windows 10, then OneStep Reader Multi may be the version you are looking for.


OneStep Reader, the leading app on the market 

The OneStep Reader was released in September 2014 under the name KNFB Reader and was met with acclaim from users and reviewers. In 2014, 2015, and 2016, it was chosen by website visitors as the best accessibility app for iOS. In 2016, the app was the only one of 10, in an independent comparative test of applications for the blind and those with poor vision by German consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest, to score highly on each test.

This fantastic life-changing technology was demonstrated for the first time by James Gashel, vice president of Business Development at KNFB Reader, LLC and secretary of the National Federation of the Blind, during the National NFB Convention, followed by a presentation from Ray Kurzweil, director of Engineering at Google Inc.

2018: We are helping more users than ever before

The app was developed by Sensotec in close collaboration with the US-based National Federation of the Blind. In the words of Mark Riccobono, president of the Federation, in the 2018 3.0 release:“We have discovered that, as is the case with many accessibility technologies, our leading reading solution does more than just help blind people. The continued development of this technology, is currently reaching a wider audience than ever before.”

2022: Handing over continued development and support 

The National Federation of the Blind, the transformative membership and advocacy organization of blind Americans, handed over the continued development of and support for the KNFB (now OneStep) Reader products to its longtime app development partner, Sensotec, which has worked together with the NFB since 2016.  

V3 for iOS

  • Improved look and feel in order to work even faster
  • Crop, rotate, and edit photos before you use the text recognition
  • The text read aloud is highlighted and shown in the photo display on the screen
  • Displays the reading order schematically
  • Reads PDF documents with language tags
  • Add or remove pages in PDF documents

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