Sensotec wins prestigious Leuven.Inc Foundation Award


Sensotec receives the Leuven.Inc award for the development of the KNFB ReaderOn Wednesday, February 25th the ‘Leuven.Inc Foundation Award’ has been given for the second time to projects that contribute to promote, encourage and achieve competitive and / or social entrepreneurship in Flanders.

Sensotec received the award as a role model for competitive entrepreneurship in a social context for the development of the KNFB Reader.


Falk Beerten, CEO of Sensotec, is pleased to receive this award. ‘I am very satisfied. The recognition by Leuven.Inc reinforces our conviction that we are on the right path: to applications that are more user-friendly running on multiple platforms. This award also reinforces the international ambition of Sensotec.

During the first week of March, a prototype of the Android version of KNFB Reader will be presented at CSUN in San Diego.

Leuven.inc: the link to a high-tech entrepreneurship community

Leuven.Inc’s mission is to build a permanent bridge between knowledge centers, high-tech entrepreneurs, enterprises and their socio-economic partners.

Through its networking events Leuven.Inc aims at creating a communication platform where young starters, scientists and technology growth companies meet and knowledge and expertise are shared. It has become a network of members with areas of expertise ranging from micro electronics, engineering, health and medical research, to ICT, life sciences, food and materials and many more.

The overall goal is to create a healthy and dynamic, future-oriented and expanding prosperity in the region of Leuven, Flanders and beyond.

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