The Sensotec web app 1.2


The newest solution in reading software is a powerful web app that can be used on a Chromebook, Windows, Mac, or tablet in a Chrome browser.
A person with reading or writing difficulties now has the total freedom to use compensating (reading) software, anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to this online solution, you don’t need to install the reading software and you can use it on any computer or tablet to read and use pdf documents. The Single Sign-on function is completely new. Link your Google, Microsoft of Smartschool account and use the web app with a single click.

Have your pdf documents and digital (school)books read with active reading support and change the settings to best suit your needs. K3000 users can convert PDF documents to KES and vice versa.

In order to write better, you can use word prediction and spell check. You can also have these read to you while you’re working in the handy text editor. Open your digital manual and workbook next to each other and do your exercises by connecting the right answers with the drawing tool functions. Gap fill exercises can also be made easily thanks to the text notes.

In order to understand better, you can also use all the look-up tools, besides the active reading support. This way, you can access explanatory dictionaries, translation dictionaries, picture dictionaries, verb conjugations and homophones. The online translation tool has also been activated. Everything is available online to read and work in your text PDF or digital schoolbooks.

In order to study and structure better, you can use the highlight and summary tool to indicate all interesting information in color and to cluster it into a clear summary in a new document. You can save this summary in your Google Drive or locally on your device.

During the coming weeks, even more extra functions will be added. An OCR function to transform images in readable text, a dictation function, an idioms dictionary, exam security … You can see that the web app is constantly evolving.

This online web app is an extra tool offered with a web license for compensating (reading) software. Do you have a Alinea or Kurzweil 3000 subscription? You can log in using those accounts with Alinea in de cloud or in the Sensotec webapp.

Thanks to the other Alinea or Kurzweil 3000 components, you can convert any type of text into a pdf document. A Microsoft Office document, Google Doc, internet page, text on social media, email or printed text. All of these are now also accessible for people with reading difficulties.

We are quite proud to be able to say that we’re THE reference point on the Belgian and Dutch market. Sensotec makes sure that more students get the possibility to develop their talents and take part completely in everyday life.

Watch the demo video (Dutch version) here

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