Release of the Connect2 app following the collaboration with Vision Australia

The largest Australian blind and visually impaired organization, Vision Australia, supports more than 25,000 people with visual problems and does so through 35 centers across Australia. This non-profit organization was looking for a partner for the step-by-step renewal of their Connect app, which they offer for free to their members to gain access to their extensive online library.

After a market analysis, Vision Australia came to Sensotec as a suitable partner for the realization of that innovation. Sensotec already has the lion’s share of the Daisy apps market, with more than 180,000 active app users in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, France and Belgium. Moreover, our approach really works. In close consultation with our customers, we have come to a realization that can be integrated smoothly with existing platforms and that is entirely as expected.

The collaboration with Vision Australia started in the spring of 2019 and has now had a first release.

With the Connect2, the ePub format is now also supported. The original app already had a sophisticated search function that could search by title, author and keyword. This has therefore been retained in the updated app. And based on our input, Vision Australia was also able to implement the necessary server developments on their side.

The successful cooperation resulted in the launch of the Vision Australia Connect2 app at the end of November 2019. Vision Australia customers are now gradually switching to the completely renewed Connect2 app. In the future, the app will also be offered in dark mode for an even better user experience.

Sensotec is the owner of the Online Daisy Platform and has already developed many apps in this capacity (Legimus & ILT – Sweden, Lydhør- Norway, Pratsam Reader – Finland, Anderslezen – Belgium, Sondo – France & now also Connect2 – Australia). All information about this can be found on www.online-daisy.com.

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