Falk Beerten is Sensotec's new CEO


Luc Desmet, Falk Beerten en Frank AllemeerschSensotec was founded in 1986 as a company active in the development of aids for blind children, their parents and teachers in integrated education, and has since grown into a business with 35 employees spread across 3 offices.

Given their respectable age, though, the shareholders decided to look for a successor in good time to take over the helm.  Luc Desmet, Sensotec’s founder and CEO, wanted, given his advanced age, to shoulder this daily responsibility for a limited number of years only.

To ensure the company’s continuity and that of the shareholders, it was therefore decided to look for a possible purchaser.  In July 2012, an agreement was concluded with a candidate for all of Sensotec’s shares and for Mr Falk Beerten to become Sensotec’s new CEO.

Falk Beerten, a civil engineer with a major in biomedical technology as well as a law degree, has management experience in the world of associations and business.

Luc Desmet will remain actively involved in the management for at least two years and has agreed to assist Mr Beerten in his role during that time.

Together with General Manager Frank Allemeersch and the dedicated team at Sensotec, they will ensure that the company remains competitive and continues to grow in the field of development, production and distribution of hi-tech tools for the blind, visually or learning impaired.


Picture: Luc Desmet, Falk Beerten and Frank Allemeersch

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