About us

Our customers and solutions are extremely diverse. Nothing is standard here. Neither our customers, nor our products.

Our challenge?

Finding the perfect match between our wide range of aids and your needs and wishes. That is why personal contact is always our main priority. Even after purchasing one of our solutions, you can always rely on personal support. Our experienced consultants answer your questions (e.g. about compensation) and our colleagues from our after-sales service are there to help you with installation, training, maintenance and assistance, whenever and wherever you need it.

What can we offer you?

Our solutions help you to study, work and live well. They give you self-confidence and leave you with more time for yourself.  They give you the chance to develop your talents and fully participate in life, each and every day.

Our mission?

We don’t just develop and sell our solutions for people with visual, reading and learning problems, we also help you to use the aids optimally by providing personal assistance and training sessions.

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