my Board Buddy GO

  • Application solution for high school or higher education
  • Digital splitter for smartboard
  • Maximum magnification while maintaining image quality
  • Color manipulation possible
  • Also works stand-alone with a tablet
  • Brand: Sensotec

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Do you want to make the smartboard accessible to visually impaired people?

My Board Buddy GO allows a visually impaired student or employee to magnify the smartboard or presentation screen on a nearby tablet. This is the best solution for mobile users.

  • Easily switch between (class)rooms
  • Magnification by app
  • Get started in a snap

The solution to magnifie the smartboard in several classrooms

It is impossible to imagine modern classrooms without the digital whiteboard. The challenge is to provide high quality information to the visually impaired student. A camera that takes a picture of a digital whiteboard or projection is then insufficient. A specific solution for the digital whiteboard is needed. 

My Board Buddy GO is the answer. 

It brings the image from the smartboard in high quality to a tablet close to the student. The student can adjust the magnification and color contrast himself without impacting the image of the smartboard using finger montions. All screen content is displayed with minimal delay: text, photo, video, live notes.

“Thanks to the my Board Buddy GO, students and employees are able to participate in several classrooms or meeting rooms without hassle.”
– Andy Mylle – technical expert my Board Buddy


Give visually impaired employees acces to digital presentations

In any modern work environment, digital presentation screens are everywhere. Think of hybrid consultation moments in a meeting room or powerpoint presentations for a large group. 

Visually impaired employees must be able to participate. 

This is why you need the my Board Buddy GO. Once connected, the my Board Buddy GO will magnifie the image on a tablet close to the employee without impacting the presentation screen.

This is a mobile solution. The user takes his/her tablet to each meetingroom and connects in a snap!

What it does

This simple but genious device makes a vibration-free, maximum magnifiable duplicate of the smartboard or any other projection, while maintaining the original image quality and offering the possibility to manipulate the colors. It’s both ideal as add-on to existing school systems with a camera and as a stand-alone device with a tablet. 

The my Board Buddy transmitter is placed between the source of the image e.g. laptop and the smartboard or beamer using an HDMI cable. 

It transmits the image wirelessly to the app on the tablet near to the user. The fact users can determine which view works best for them makes this the best solution for a better view of the smartboard. Students will be more involved during lessons and can participate actively in the class exercises.

my Board Buddy helps them to work independently.

How it works

The app on the tablet wirelessly receives the signal from the my Board Buddy transmitter as soon as the user enters the room. The user opens the app and immediately sees the “connect” button. The steps to connect are completed automatically. The app works on iOS, Android and Chromebook.

One my Board Buddy transmitter should be connected per classroom or meeting room.

The user can give each my Board Buddy transmitter its own name, e.g. chemistry class, history class, math class,…. If there are multiple transmitters within range, this will allow the user to easily choose the classroom they are in.

Startup takes only 20 seconds!

The teacher or lecturer manages the device on his or her laptop or PC via the “manager”.


Why my Board Buddy GO?


Stand-alone with tablet

my Board Buddy GO works perfectly stand-alone with a tablet on which the user determines the magnification & color manipulation of the duplicated image.


Add-on to school systems
my Board Buddy GO is an ideal smartboard magnifier add-on to the existing school systems for analog info.

In this case the camera is used for magnification of analog info and class participation, my Board Buddy GO is used for digital info.


Multiple Buddies possible

Duplicates to multiple Buddies simultaneously.

Each Buddy has control over the way the image is represented on his or her screen.


Wired or wireless + simple management

Installling and using the my Board Buddy GO is fast and simple (wireless).

No need to adapt existing infrastructure.


“Thanks to my Board Buddy GO, I now follow lessons easily in all classrooms. I carry the tablet with me everywhere and it takes little space in my school bag.”
-Isolde – 15 year old