Reasonable adjustment

Sensotec sells many different products that are recognised by Flemish schools and the government as ‘reasonable adjustments’. These adjustments are the keys to an achievable implementation of the M-decree.

In the table below, you can see which products can be used for each specific educational need. Click on the software for more information.


 Specific       educational need  Product   Product specifications relevant to the target group
    Dyslexia Kurzweil 3000   Advanced scanning and reading software
Alinea   Reading software
KNFB Reader   Scanning and reading software
SensoSpeak   Reading software
Daisy players

Online Daisy

  Audiobooks, magazines and newspapers
  Dys(ortho)graphy and
Kurzweil 3000   Audio spell checks
  Word predictors
Alinea   Corrective word predictor
Audio Notetaker   Speech recording
WoDy   Corrective word predictor
  Dyscalculia Kurzweil 3000   Speaking calculators
  Dysphasia and non-native speakers Kurzweil 3000   Dictionaries and visual dictionaries for non-native speakers
  Developmental and learning disability Kurzweil 3000


  Complete software, fully adaptable
WoDy   Intuitive, simple interface
KNFB Reader   Scanning
  Functional reading
(Attention Deficit     (Hyperactivity) Disorder)
Kurzweil 3000   Limit toolbars
  Conceal drawings
  Mind maps
  Autism Kurzweil 3000   Personal, predictable work environment
  Giftedness Kurzweil 3000   Internet
  Online encyclopaedias
  13 languages
  Visual impairment Kurzweil 3000
(for low vision)
  Scanning and reading software
(with magnification window and adjustable contrast)
Kurzweil 1000
(for blindness)
  Scanning and reading software
KNFB Reader   Scanning and reading software
Braille, speech and magnification hardware and software   See range of aids
Daisy players

Online Daisy

  Audiobooks, magazines and newspapers
(cortical visual
Kurzweil 3000   Shows what is being read: alleviates problems with focus.
KNFB Reader   Just listening (mp3) prevents tiredness caused by reading.
brain injury)
Kurzweil 3000
  Speech while typing
  Visual dictionaries
  Reads stories aloud
WoDy   Speech while typing
  Wildcards for word recall problems
  Reads stories aloud
Daisy players

Online Daisy

  Audiobooks, magazines and newspapers

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