Solutions Radio joins the group

janvier 2022

Important acquisition for leading assistive technology providers:
Solutions Radio becomes sister company of Sensotec, Lexima Reinecker and Lexima.

Following the acquisition of Lexima and Lexima Reinecker at the beginning of 2020, Falk Beerten took over the Dutch company Solutions Radio b.v. on 1 January 2022. Solutions Radio, like sister companies Lexima Reinecker and Sensotec, focuses on assistive technology for people with a visual or other reading impairment.  This consolidates the leading position of these companies in the Dutch and Flemish markets and creates additional export opportunities.

With this acquisition, the group now consists of 4 companies and over 100 employees. A short sketch of the companies: Belgian Sensotec focuses on the production and distribution of assistive technology for the visually impaired  (hardware and software) in Belgium and abroad. Lexima is the strong international brand for educational software and services for the education sector. Lexima Reinecker focuses on the Dutch market as the local distributor of the Reinecker technology for visual impairment. Solutions Radio makes online information and TV subtitles accessible through innovative products such as Webbox, Go-box, Vo-box, currently mainly on the Dutch and Flemish markets.

Solutions Radio was founded in 2003. Since 2006, the focus has been on making spoken information accessible. The company made its name as the inventor of smart devices that make watching television not only possible but also enjoyable for partially sighted and/or blind people. While Vo-box enhances colour and size of tv subtitles, Go-box reads them out loud. Webbox is a versatile multimedia device that reads out online information. Former owner Karel Raven is passing on a florishing company with about a dozen motivated employees.

The acquisition of Solutions Radio was a logical “next step”. Falk: “It is a healthy company in a market where we are already very active. The products and services developed by Solutions Radio have already proved their worth in the Netherlands and Flanders, but certainly also offer growth opportunities abroad.” Also important in the decision is the complementarity with Sensotec’s Online DaisyTM platform (consisting of Apps and servers). Through this platform, more than 200,000 users worldwide currently get access to online audio books.

The upcoming new developments of Solutions Radio also underline the innovative character of the company, which is a wonderful match with the other companies.  A challenging 2022 lies ahead, in which synergies will be further discovered and cultivated, but with a focus on the common mission “to provide effective and innovative tools to people with specific (educational or visual) needs”.

Former owner of Solutions Radio Karel Raven passing on the symbolic and for the occasion golden “relay baton” to new owner Falk Beerten.



(* Falk Beerten, repr. Skiobe bvba)

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