The effect of good lighting

Do you walk over to the window if you’re having trouble reading something? We don’t often think about the impact light has on your health and well-being.

Good artificial light is bright, flicker-free and creates high contrast. It imitates natural light. Good lighting improves everyone’s efficiency. When you get older, the need for good lighting only increases because the lenses in your eyes let less light through. Compensate for a lack of daylight with sufficient, quality lighting.

lady reading in sofa

Tips for employers

Allow as much daylight as possible to shine on the work area. Choose walls, ceilings and floorings that are light in colour so the daylight can reflect off these surfaces and illuminate the space. Have desks facing a window. The ideal distance between a window and desk is approximately 1 metre. Compensate for a lack of natural light with good artificial lighting. Provide additional lighting for older employees.

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