Aids for low vision

Many people experience vision problems at one time or another.  Most of the time, custom-made glasses can provide a solution. But what do you do if glasses aren’t enough? If this is the case, the Sensotec products are here to help. Because even severe vision problems can be fully or partially overcome using sometimes very simple visual impairment aids.

Do you walk over to the window if you’re having trouble reading something? When vision is impaired good lighting is essential. Good lighting imitates daylight as much as possible and is very white. Due to the high level of brightness, contrast improves (e.g. grey newspapers turn white), which makes text more legible. Lighting is the first step, but there are numerous other aids available.

Sensotec develops and distributes aids for people with low vision, visual impairments and blindness. A little over 30 years ago, Sensotec was founded as an off-shoot of the Spermalie Institute for blind and visually impaired primary and high school children in Bruges. We have gained years of expertise that enables us to provide you with personal and correct advice.

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