Chrome extension Web2Speech 2.0


Sensotec has given the Chrome web reader a complete makeover. The update offers the user many new functionalities, including the ability to translate words and look up explanatory and image dictionaries, create audio files, highlight & summarize text and much more! The latest version is now available in the Chrome Web Store.

Sensotec is launching Web2Speech 2.0 today. This unique Chrome extension for people with reading and learning difficulties does more than just read aloud because it now also offers learning and study opportunities. Web texts, Google Docs and Gmail messages can be read and summarized in 9 languages.

De update contains these new features:

  • Translate words and sentences: Make your selection, press the “Translate” button and Google Translate will open in a new tab.
  • Dictionaries: Select the difficult word and press “look up”. You can then have the meaning read out in the explanatory dictionary or view the image dictionary. The conjugations are shown for verbs. Do you sometimes doubt between words with the same pronunciation but which have a different meaning? That is no longer necessary, because homophones are also explained.
  • Audio files: With the “Audio files” feature you can make a sound recording of the selected text and save it as MP3 or WAV file. You can listen to it later or use it while studying.
  • Text selection options: If you press the play button, Web2Speech will start reading where the cursor is by default. In the “click-and-speak” option, Web2Speech immediately starts reading after placing your cursor. The “hover” option reads hyperlinks when you move the mouse over them.
  • Highlighting and summarizing: you will never want to work without this study feature again! With the 5 different marker colours you highlight text on websites or in Google Docs and you make a clear summary of it. Once you have started with a first summary, you can always expand it with extra highlights. You can even add previously saved summaries to it again. Very useful when studying! Everything is of course always read flawlessly, because that is Web2Speech!

All the previous features are of course also still there. Texts are read with double highlighting. You choose the reading speed, the reading unit and the reading voice yourself.

Sensotec continues to innovate and invest in its own developments to support people with reading and learning difficulties. This also applies to this user-friendly, useful tool that helps to read and study better.

View the video here

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