Our aids at your company?

How can our aids be implemented in your company?  There are many different ways. Our aids, both software and hardware, make your employees’ lives easier. Whether they have a visual impairment, a reading or learning disorder, or no problems at all, our solutions are definitely worth exploring.

Our aids help ensure that:

  • Your information and infrastructure is 100% accessible
  • Notes are always clear and accurate
  • There are no errors in written communication to customers and suppliers
  • Employees who are non-native speakers feel more supported
  • Employees with reading and learning problems feel more self-confident
  • Employees are not hindered by tired eyes
  • People with visual impairments can also work at your company
  • etc.

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Our compensatory software solutions (Alinea, Kurzweil 3000, KNFB Reader app, WoDy) convert documents into texts that can be read aloud. Some offer extra support with visual dictionaries, spell checks and note-taking functionalities in several different languages.  BrowseAloud reads your website aloud so that all of your visitors can receive the information. Our accessibility solutions (electronic beacons, tactile route markers, etc.) make your infrastructure suitable for every visitor.

With Audio Notetaker, you can make notes without writing anything down. You can record a speech and then edit and add to it (audio, text and video) on your computer.

Our wide range of lamps, with and without magnifiers, create the ideal work environment. Your employees will no longer lose their concentration due to tired eyes.

Our wide range of visual aids (electronic magnifiers, magnification and speech software, Daisy players and voice recorders, braille devices etc.) offer support, where necessary, that is tailored to the preferences and needs of the user and the work environment.

For many of our solutions, the employer or employee can request an intervention (financial assistance).

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