Our projects

Research and development is an important part of Sensotec. Of the almost 40 employees who work at our registered office in Jabbeke, 15 work in the R&D department.  They work each day to improve and expand our range of compensatory software for people with visual impairments, or reading or learning problems such as dyslexia.  In addition to individuals, we also provide solutions for government bodies, associations and companies. Examples of apps and software that were developed in-house and are now used worldwide: KNFB Reader app, Online Daisy, the compensatory software Alinea.

Sensotec also has a smaller department for hardware research and development.  The Reporter Smart, is a recent and excellent example of a reading device developed in-house.

In addition to the production and development of hardware and software, Sensotec partners with foreign manufacturers to provide the localisation (adapting to local context), translation and international distribution of various software programs. The most well-known are Kurzweil 1000 & 3000.

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