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Sensotec is distributor of BrowseAloud software, a tool with which you can make your school’s, your organisation’s or your company’s website more accessible.

BrowseAloud reads your website out loudBrowseAloud

BrowseAloud is the appropriate tool for making your website accessible.
Because the legislator wants it to happen. Because your customer wants it to happen. You want to be there for everyone, right? Because not everyone reads easily.

Listening instead of reading

Functionally illiterate people, non-native speakers and dyslexic people can hardly read your information, which is very frustrating for both yourself and your audience. With BrowseAloud on your website you give your visitors the possibility to listen to the text on your website. It is a great support for them. Your audience increases. It is therefore a win-win.

Very easy to integrateBrowseAloud

Installing a reading function on your website has never been this easy. You only have to acquire a BrowseAloud membership. From there on, we do our thing. The website won’t undergo any changes, except for a tiny piece of code. It’s as easy as that.

Convince yourself

Click on the triangle of the ‘read’ button on top of the page. At the top of your screen a drop-down menu appears. Now place your cursor on the piece of text you want to have being read out loud. The reading will start within a few seconds. If correct, the piece of text should be marked yellow and the word being read blue. Stop the reading by clicking the square button.

In addition, you can translate texts (e.g. to English, Dutch, Turkish or Arabic) or receive simplified versions of the texts without layout. All these functions make a text more accessible.

BrowseAloud menubalk

BrowseAloud works for PC, tablet and smartphone.

Ask about it

Do you wish to make your website accessible as well? It only takes a few moments.
Contact our services and ask about the possibilities and prices.

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