"I was so impressed at the open house: the highly professional approach, the team spirit, the kindness and gentleness. The very clear and honest information and explanations that we received made a strong impression, not to mention the hearty welcome with pancakes and a cup of coffee. I'll be happy to spread the word! Great job! Keep it up!"
sr Liesbeth Foulon,
“I want to thank you all for the untold patience and the many hours of support during the countless phone calls on behalf of my patients. I found you all very friendly, always willing to help and advise. Many thanks."
Liesbet, occupational therapist
"Embrace agility and use it as a lever to create the highest possible value for the customer, that's what they do at Sensotec. Thanks for the interesting journey together!"- via Facebook
The Refuelers, consultancy
"Thank you very much for your marvellous support! A CD was stuck in our old Daisy player and we couldn’t remove it. When purchasing a new Daisy player, the consultant said she would take care of it and that is how one day we found the beautifully packaged CD in our mail box. Our gratitude to everyone for this wonderful service."
Godfried & Lieve, users
"My ill husband passed away at the end of May. My heartfelt thanks to your team: your audio books and devices were his favourite pastime. He has been listening for hours, days, months, even years to his Viktor-Reader. A very warm thank you."
Hilde, wife
“I'm 10 years old and I have dyslexia. I can read but I'm slower and I make mistakes. I'm in year five now and the texts are getting longer. That's why it's great that I can use the reading software.”
Eleana, 10 years old
"I would like to thank you for all the help and support that you have given to Mrs R. The quality of her life - although she was practically completely blind - was the best she could wish for and you certainly contributed to that! Her "big beast" - as she called her new computer with speech technology - gave her much, even in her last week of life for which she was very grateful every day! Once again, my sincere thanks for that!"
Rosa, caretaker
"Very good company. You immediately get the information / advice you need." - via Facebook
Gert, visually impaired
"Super individuele aanpak !!! Hartelijk dank voor de ondersteuning !!!" - via Facebook
Nicky, persoonlijke assistent
"It was a nice experience, before I had never really considered what efforts are being made to help people." - via Facebook
Yves, attending a company tour
"Compensatory and remedial software tailored to each individual. Excellent work from the R&D team #innovation #creation #realization" - via Facebook
Oiheba, coach
"It was a warm welcome in your department in Hoevenen, super friendly and very enthusiastic. They really helped me a lot and I went satisfied at home. Thank you for this!" - via Facebook
Nadia, trainee BrailleLiga
"If you have a problem, the after-sales service is ready. Friendly and always a solution." - via Facebook
Veerle, K3000 customer
"My daughter has been using Kurzweil 3000 for many years. This type of software tool is really essential for her development."
Frédéric, father
“Supernova reads, magnifies and converts text into braille. With this program I was able to learn to use a computer. I have been using the program for several years both at home and at school. It enables me to use Word. And I can also easily do mathematics exercises due to the high quality braille and speech.”
Isolde, 18 years old
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