Many of our products were specifically developed for people with a visual impairment, or a reading or writing disability. However, they are so user friendly that all kinds of people enjoy using them.

Elderly people with vision problems, young students and people at work prefer to use our products over complicated devices and software.  Solutions include a talking weighing scale, very efficient book scanners, speech software that reads any text aloud on your smartphone.

These assistive technologies are extremely versatile. They can even make it easier for people without visual impairments or reading and learning problems to work, learn and live.

Real-world examples:

  • Listen to an audio book while you drive your car.
  • Knitting, crocheting, painting tin soldiers: with a good reading lamp, and possibly also an aspheric magnifier, they’re a lot easier.

Our aids make your studies, work and life a lot simpler, whether or not you have impaired vision, or reading or learning difficulties.

studente met leeslicht

meisje aan het breien

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"Embrace agility and use it as a lever to create the highest possible value for the customer, that's what they do at Sensotec. Thanks for the interesting journey together!"- via Facebook
The Refuelers, consultancy
"Thank you very much for your marvellous support! A CD was stuck in our old Daisy player and we couldn’t remove it. When purchasing a new Daisy player, the consultant said she would take care of it and that is how one day we found the beautifully packaged CD in our mail box. Our gratitude to everyone for this wonderful service."
Godfried & Lieve, users
"It was a nice experience, before I had never really considered what efforts are being made to help people." - via Facebook
Yves, attending a company tour
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