If glasses are no longer sufficient, then perhaps you have low vision. Your poor vision cannot be fully corrected with glasses and in spite of all the treatments, you are confronted with a hazy or distorted vision. The problems range from mild or moderate to very severe. The causes differ widely.

However, whatever the cause (ageing, illness, congenital), a visual impairment makes you less independent. Low vision causes you to struggle with everyday activities such as walking, keeping balance, recognising faces and emotions, reading, doing your job and engaging in your hobbies.

With the right aids, you don’t need to give up your independence. Your remaining sight can be optimally utilised. There is a user-friendly solution for every situation. We would love to help you find the right one.

woman with hand magnifierman en vrouw voor beeldschermloep


“I want to thank you all for the untold patience and the many hours of support during the countless phone calls on behalf of my patients. I found you all very friendly, always willing to help and advise. Many thanks."
Liesbet, occupational therapist
"My ill husband passed away at the end of May. My heartfelt thanks to your team: your audio books and devices were his favourite pastime. He has been listening for hours, days, months, even years to his Viktor-Reader. A very warm thank you."
Hilde, wife
"I would like to thank you for all the help and support that you have given to Mrs R. The quality of her life - although she was practically completely blind - was the best she could wish for and you certainly contributed to that! Her "big beast" - as she called her new computer with speech technology - gave her much, even in her last week of life for which she was very grateful every day! Once again, my sincere thanks for that!"
Rosa, cartetaker
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