Custom solutions

Nothing is standard here. Neither our customers, nor our products. Our experienced employees tailor everything to the needs of the customer. Do you have a visual impairment, or a reading or learning disability? Are you responsible for assisting a member of this target group as a parent, teacher, speech and language therapist or support worker, or as an organisation such as a school or library? Then Sensotec is the place to ask all your questions.

Our visual acuity consultants prioritise personal contact. Their expertise, close collaboration with recognised low vision centres and associations, and good contact with various institutions allow us to provide tailored solutions.

The dyslexia consultants interact with students, parents, teachers and therapists on a daily basis. And the info and introduction sessions also enable them to gain a good understanding of the concerns of the target group. They match users to software and help them get started with hands-on training.

For our R&D team, the focus is on developing and refining our software solutions (e.g.. Alinea) and localising the existing software (e.g. Kurzweil 3000). They also work on B2B projects, developing apps and other software that have been commissioned by government bodies and companies involved in education. (https://sensotec.be/sensotec/onderzoek-en-ontwikkeling/ )

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