Greater independence

The biggest challenge for everyone with a visual, reading or learning impairment, is to find a way to work, learn and live as independently as possible. Independence is important for your self-esteem and self-confidence. You prefer to do things yourself, because the things you can do, you do well.

A loss of, or lack of vision leads you to struggle with everyday tasks. The extensive range of visual impairment aids that Sensotec offers provide our customers with solutions that enable them to continue to read, cook, write and use the computer independently. Sensotec helps companies and public institutions to correctly configure their public spaces, since accessibility and independence go hand in hand.

The compensatory (dyslexia) software enables young and old with a reading or learning disability to once again enjoy the written word. School books become understandable, studying becomes easier, listening to audio books is relaxing and a desk job no longer needs to be an uphill battle. You can use this software any time you wish: on your home, school or work computer, or out and about with your smartphone. Information becomes 100% accessible.

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