Extensive range of aids

What is the definition of an aid? A device you use to make doing something easier. It’s not for nothing that our slogan is ‘aids that make your life easier’. Our visual impairment aids consist of hardware and software solutions for visually impaired and blind persons. Our range of visual impairment aids consists of

  • Standard lamps, magnifying lamps and magnifying glasses, with or without a light
  • Magnification with portable electronic magnifiers
  • Magnification with table electronic magnifiers, with or without speech
  • Speech: audio books, newspapers and magazines via an app or a reading device, with or without a screen (Daisy)
  • Software for magnification, with or without speech, on your computer Tools for daily life:  Adapted mobile phone, kitchen appliances with speech etc.

Our dyslexia aids are software solutions for people with reading or learning disabilities. The various solutions are compatible with a certain operating system: e.g. Windows or Mac and Android or iOS. Your equipment, in combination with the level of support you require, will guide us to your perfect reading and/or writing aid.

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