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What is OKAN? OKAN is Dutch terminology for the education that is organized to receive non-native...

Web licences : how does it work?

05/04/2016 Do you use a Kurzweil 3000 Mobile licence or a web licence for Kurzweil 3000,...

The role of the therapist

As a therapist, your main focus is on addressing the problem and providing additional support. But...

Reading: Online Daisy – eBooks – AudioBooks

Online Daisy (Digital Accessible Information System) is a world leader in online and audio...

Aids for dyslexia and other learning impairments

There are many different ‘dyses’: dyslexia, dysorthography, dyspraxia, dysphasia, dyscalcula...

Reasonable adjustment

Sensotec sells many different products that are recognised by Flemish schools and the government as...

Dyslexia at work

People with dyslexia are often very creative and are generally very determined. However, they often...

Learning a new language

Each year, thousands of people worldwide move from one country to another and often this means...

Compensatory software supports UDL

The term UDL (Universal Design for Learning) is becoming more widely used in our education...


“I'm 10 years old and I have dyslexia. I can read but I'm slower and I make mistakes. I'm in year five now and the texts are getting longer. That's why it's great that I can use the reading software.”
Eleana, 10 years old
"Super individuele aanpak !!! Hartelijk dank voor de ondersteuning !!!" - via Facebook
Nicky, persoonlijke assistent
"Compensatory and remedial software tailored to each individual. Excellent work from the R&D team #innovation #creation #realization" - via Facebook
Oiheba, coach
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